How to Load Containers

Whether you are loading a moving box or a storage container, you need to make sure that everything is placed optimally. Making sure that your boxes are loaded to perfection is one of the first things to do, because using too many boxes or not loading them correctly can cause damage to your items and cost more money.

If you are loading moving boxes, then think about some common sense tips. Wrap plates in old clothes or bubble wrap to keep them safe. Use smaller boxes for heavier items and larger ones for lighter items, and be objective about what you need to bring with you.

However, if you are in the business of loading massive containers and trucks, you’ll need more. In order to make sure that you load everything optimally, you’ll need the services of a container loading calculator. The calculator acts as a simulator to help you visualize the load.

So, if you are loading a big truck with boxes, then you can input the data into the calculator. The dimensions of the boxes, their weight, how many items are inside the boxes, and so on. Then you look at the dimensions of the truck and make any adjustments to how the boxes are arranged.

Once all the data is added in, then you see a visualization of the best way to load the boxes into the area. It’s really cool and gives you a great way to see the exact placement of each box. So instead of shoving boxes in and hoping for the best, you can have a pattern to it. Then you can see how to load the truck before you even pick up your first container.

container loading calculator

It’ll save you time, labor, and will give you a surefire way to load a truck.